Check In & Dismissal

  • All our LCCKids will check-in before they can be dropped off in their groups
  • Computer check-in stations are located in the concourse. Parents should complete the check in process and print name tags for each of their children and a parent tag. Each set of name tags will include a security code (issued automatically)
  • First time visitors and new families will be welcomed by a Children’s Ministry Team (CMT) member upon arrival and asked to complete our Family Registration form. They will be issued a name tag for each child and a parent security tag.
  • Parents will be asked to place their tag(s) on their child(ren) and keep their parent tag for check out.
  • When each child arrives at their appropriate classroom or ministry area, Team members will make sure that they are wearing their check-in tag.
  • Parents will be asked to show their parent tag before their child is dismissed.


(No child will be dismissed to anyone under the age of 16)