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The Mark Challenge:

• Read Mark in one sitting 
(Takes 1-2 hours)

• Read half a chapter of Mark every day
(Read through Mark every month)

• Review the past week’s passage and work through the study questions

• Read and prepare for next week’s passage

Review The Past Week’s Passage:

October 20, 2019
Mark 1:21-45


Click Below for Personal Application and LifeGroup Discussion Guides
in a PDF or Word Format.

For Past messages and study guides please visit our teaching library for the gospel of Mark

Prepare for upcoming week’s passage:

October 27, 2019
Passage: Mark 2:1-14
Use this scripture study guide to help you prepare.

Helpful Tools:

• Bible Apps w/text and audio - BibleGateway or YouVersion
• Tim Keller: Jesus the King
• Tim Keller: Jesus the King Study Guide